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Masten Art Glass

PO Box 223165
Carmel,  CA  93922
(831) 626-6260



Fused glass sculptures, Contemporary Glass, Abstract Glass and Custom Glass   
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 "Carmel Valley Road"
 "Ghost Jelly"
 "Sandy" Cheese Plate
 15" Big Sur Plant Stake
 2018 Ornaments
 6" Big Sur Plant Stakes
 A "Dickens" of a Plate
 Abstract Clam Shell Soap Dish
 After the Fire M-1
 After the Fire M-2
 Amber and Yellow Canadian Maple Leaf
 Apache Window Plate
 Approaching Mist
 Approaching Thunder
 Aqua and Cobalt Blue Dimension Plate
 Aqua Bowl
 Aqua Clam Shell
 Aqua Clam Shell With Pearl
 Aqua Flower/Tall Vase
 Aqua Plate
 Aquatic Splendor
 Aquatic Splendor
 Aquatic Splendor Market Tote
 Aquatic Surge
 Arctic Spring
 Asian Inspired Cheese Plate
 Autumn Dawning
 Autumn Leaf Platter
 Bamboo Plate
 Banded Flower Plate
 Barnyard Animal Coaster/Plates
 Between Tides
 Big Sur Oaks
 Big Sur Pocket Hearts
 Big Sur Totem
 Black Thunder
 Black/Turquoise Bowl
 Blossom Minis
 Blossom Vase
 Blue and Amber Leaf Plate
 Blue and Brown Vase
 Blue and Lavender Flower
 Blue Clam Shell
 Blue Crackle Bowl
 Blue Crinkle Glass Pendant
 Blue Diamond Falls
 Blue Flat Vase
 Blue Garden
 Blue Sapphire Falls
 Blue/Green/Purple Frit Plate
 Blue/Lavender Bowl
 Blue/Pink Mirror
 Blue/White Plate
 Blue-green Draped Vase
 Bolo Ties (Each)
 Bottle Stoppers
 Bottle Stoppers (Each)
 Breaking Point
 Bronz Bowl
 Bubble Jamboree
 Bubble Plate
 Buddha Heads (EACH)
 Butterfly Bowl
 Butterfly Bowl
 Cabbage Leaf Plate
 California Contemporary
 Canary Cage
 Candle Bridges (Each)
 Candle Vases
 Canine Coasters
 Canine Nightlights
 Caramel-Strawberry Sundae
 Carnival Bowl
 Cast Glass Seashells
 Cavern Oasis
 Cavern Oasis
 Checker Board Vase
 Checkerboard Bowl
 Christmas Box Cheese Plate
 Chrysanthemum Bowl on White
 Chrysanthemum Platter on White
 Chysanthemum Platter
 Circus Bowl
 Clam Shell and Driftwood
 Clam Shell Bowl
 Clocks, One of a Kind
 Conch Shells on Wood
 Contemporary Bowl/Vase in Turquoise and Red
 Contrail Platter
 Cooper's Beach, Big Sur
 Copper Showers
 Cowboy Cheese Plate
 Crab Plate
 Crazy Canine Plate
 Crystal Canyon Falls
 Crystal Waters
 Current of Change
 Cyan/Blue Plate
 Cypress at Sunset
 Dawn Vase
 Deeply Dungeness
 Desert Migration
 Desert Migration Tote
 Dog Clock (SOLD)
 Dog Coasters
 Dragon Falls
 Dragonfly Plate
 Draped Vase
 Droopy Stars
 Early Bird
 Easter Night Lights
 Enchanted Forest Clock
 Fire On Ice
 Fish Fake-Food Fight
 Fish Platter
 Five Hundred Springs
 'Flamme Bleue'
 Flower Pendant
 Forest Leaf
 Forest Pool
 Forest View
 Forever Home Number 2
 Forth of July Dimension Plate
 Four Sectioned Plate
 Frit-colored plates
 Full Moon Plate
 Galectic Garden Series: Andromeda
 Gateway to Mystery Market Tote
 Ghost Gulls Vase
 Giant Flowers (Each)
 Gift from the Sea
 Gifting Bowl
 Giraffe Plate
 Give a Hoot Cheese Plate
 Glacier Treasure
 Glass Boxes
 Glass Flower on Vase
 Glass Shells (EACH)
 Glass Tapestry
 Gold bowl in stand
 Goofy Critters
 Green Bowl in Stand
 Green Holiday Bowl
 Green Lizard Plate
 Green Sea Turtle
 Harlequin Bowl
 Havasu Canyon Falls
 Have a Heart
 Heart Bowls
 Heart Night Lights
 Heart Pendant
 Hearts and Flowers
 Heron Cheese Plate
 High Country Tree Platter
 High Tech Vase
 Highland Runes
 Holiday Bud Vases
 Holiday Giftng Bowl
 Holiday Trees
 Holiday Trees
 Holiday Trees
 Hummingbird Plate
 Ice Field Meandering
 Ice Flowers Sculpture
 Icelandic Glacier Melt
 In The Marsh
 Independence Day Plate
 Italian Bowl/Vase
 Ivory and Gold Channel Plate
 Ivory and Gold Flower Bowl
 Jackstraws on Ice
 Jellies of the Deep
 Jelly Fish Block
 Jelly on Ice
 Jellyfish Candle Illumination
 Jubilee Bowl
 Jump, in Abstract
 Kaleidoscope Bowl
 Kauila Swims the Rising Waters
 Klickitat The Brave (Pet Plate)
 La Alegria
 Ladle Cradles
 Lapis Necklace
 Large Flower
 Lattice Bowl
 Lavender Flower/Tall Vase
 Leaf Platter
 Lemon Drop Bowl
 Lift the Leg Dog Plate
 Line Drawing Flower Plate
 Little Red-Finned Perch Spoon Rest
 Long Road To Aconcagua
 Low Red Vase
 Lunar Garden
 Magnolia Leaf
 Maple Leaf Platter
 Marble Storage
 Mariposa Duet
 Mariposa Morning
 Mariposa Single
 Marsh Guardian
 Maya Platter
 Millefiori Plate
 Mini Bowls
 Monstera Leaf Bowl
 Moon Plate
 Mountain Of Ice
 Napkin Holder in Black and White
 Night Lights
 Nordic Meltdown
 Ocean Blue Bowl
 Ocean Pink Bowl
 Of the Deep
 Offering Bowl
 One Thousand Springs
 Orange & Yellow Bowl
 Ostrich Snack Plate
 Owl Bowl
 Owl Plate
 Pebble Bowls
 Pebble Bowls
 Peek-a-Boo Bowls
 Penguin Serving Plate
 Persephone's Bouquet
 Persephone's Bouquet Market Tote
 Petal Bowl
 Petites Flammes D'Or
 Pheasant Call
 Pig Coasters
 Pimento Red and Yellow Bowl
 Pink Flower / Tall Vase
 Plant Stakes / each
 Polar Meltdown
 Pot Holders I Have Known
 Re Entry
 Rectangular Bowl
 Red and Green Sea Turtle Plate
 Red and Yellow Canadian Maple Leaf
 Red Flower/Tall Vase
 Red Sea Number 2
 Red Seahorse
 Red Sushi Server with 4 Individual Plates
 Red, Black, White Platter
 Red/Blue/Yellow Frit Plate
 Red/Yellow Crackle Bowl
 Reef Fantasy
 Refrigerator Magnets
 River Bowl
 Salad Tongs
 Salad Tongs II
 Sand Dollar Bowl
 Scatter Platter
 Scooting Quacker Spoon Rest
 Sea Dreams
 Sea Dreams
 Sea Fan and Driftwood
 Sea Fan Bowl
 Sea Fan Sculpture
 Sea Journey
 Sea Life
 Sea Life in Kelp Nest. (Each)
 Sea Melody
 Sea Mysteries
 Sea Shadows
 Sea Turtle Plate
 Sea Waltz
 Sea Waltz M-1
 Sea Waltz M-2
 Seashell Vase
 Seeking Kismet
 September Song
 Serving Bowl on Stand
 Shell We Dance
 Shell/Seahorse Soap Dish
 Silver Clouds
 Silver Maple Leaf
 Silver Shell Bowl
 Small Bowls
 Small Flowers
 Small Jars
 Small Leaf: Yellow, Turquoise, Green
 Small Mirrors
 Snow Guys
 Snow Noggins
 Snowflake Cheese Plate
 Solar Flare
 Solar Flare Market Tote
 Southwest Bowl
 Speckled Bird Cheese Plate
 Spider Plate
 Spring Bowl
 Spring colored frit plate
 Spring Glory
 Squid Float
 Streaky Cream-Colored Bowl
 Striped Vase/Bowl
 Sun Spanglers
 Sunset Vase
 Sushi Plate
 Swirled Blue Plate
 Tapestry 4
 Tapestry Cocktail Plate
 Tapestry Wave
 Tea Candle Holder
 Tea Towel
 Teal and Red Offset Heart Pendant
 The Corker Clan
 The Golden Stairs of Chilkoot Pass
 The Honu Plate
 The Kraken's Cavern
 The Lost Last Stand
 The Sorcerer's Surf
 The Wizard's Poppy
 Thick Plate
 Torii Platter
 Treasure Pot Candelabra
 Tree Frog
 Trees Plate
 Tropical Bowl
 Tropical Flow
 Tsunami Hope 1
 Turquoise Garden Platter
 Turquoise, Yellow, and Blue Bowl
 Turquoise-fluted Vase
 Two Chicks Standing Tall
 Underwater World
 Up In Smoke
 Vase with Lid
 Veggie Salad Bowl
 Volcanic Gray Pot Melt
 Warrior"s Shield
 Water Dragon
 Whimsical Animal Night Lights
 White Crackle Bowl with Amber Flower
 White Crackle Bowl with Blue/Green Flower
 White Flaked Vase
 White on White - Crackle Bowl
 Window to the Garden
 Wine Bottle Corkers (Each)
 Woven Plate
 Yellow Sunflower Plate
 Yellow, Green and Blue Plate
 Zebra Plate





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Artist Member:
Carmel Valley Art Association

Monterey Peninsula Art Foundation

Highland Art Center

Artists Equity of the Central Coast

Member Fused Glass Association sponsored by Linked In.

Associate member of Carmel Art Association.

Member of the Glass Art Society.

My work is in galleries and shops in the Monterey Peninsula, CA area, as well as in private collections across the U.S. and in the U.K.

Member of Linked In.

You may view my work at:

Local Color in Big Sur, CA

Carmel Valley Art Assoc. gallery on Center Street in Carmel Valley, CA.

Taste Morgan in the Carmel Crossroads Center.


Highland Art Center in Weaverville, CA

Masten Art Glass Facebook page

Published: New Art Review has published a new book in Jan. 2012, called "Addicted to Glass." This book features work by glass artists who focus on contemporary art design.
Two of my pieces are featured in this book.
To order the book, Google New Art Review.

Awarded First Place in the Sculpture category in October, 2012, juried show at Highland Art Center.